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Agency Successes

Oscar Shelvey-Negus is featuring in a Kelloggs Rioballs commercial on the Nickleodeon Channel.

Harrison Coles will feature in a new SSE commercial

Hannah Jean-Baptiste will be starring in "Mayday" the new BBC series starting Sunday 3rd March 2013.

Well done to Oliver Gilmartin for his final performance in Oliver! UK Tour.  Oliver was originally with the cast in the West End and has been with the UK Tour since it's first performance.

Well done to Finley Jury in his final performance as Eric in Matilda in London's West End.

Mia-Jay Bryan will join the cast of ONCE the Musical in Dublin and London in March 2013

Red Walker has opened in Matilda in London's West End in the role of Tommy.

20 CPA College students filmed with the Loveable Rogues for their debut single "What a Night" (CARE: PARENTAL GUIDANCE)

Jack Jones can be seen in the new Boots Skin Care commercial.

Emily Adams can be seen in the McDonalds Taster Menu commercial.

Hayley Mitchell has filmed a viral clip for the new Milky Way advert which has been aired in America and the Internet.

Oscar Shelvey-Negus modelled for IBIS Hotels for their new international campaign.

Baxter Willougby has filmed a Tesco commercial.

Lauren Henson opened in Billy Elliot the Musical as a ballet girl.

Lauren McCarthy had her contract extended in Billy Elliot the Muscial as a ballet girl.

Oscar Shelvey-Negus is starring in the Sainsbury's Finance advert.

Jack Jones filmed a commercial with Linda Bellingham in the ISME Christmas advert.