"Today's training for the professionals of tomorrow"
Principal: Colin Putz
Patrons: Rochelle Humes, Stephen Mear and Sherrie Hewson



A Dolls House Abby Shelvey-Negus Emmy
Billy Elliot Dean-Charles Chapman Billy Elliot / Michael/ Small Boy
  Poppy Coggins Ballet Girl
  Daniel Delaney Small Boy
  Christie Halsey Ballet Girl
  Lauren Henson Ballet Girl
  Connie Hook Ballet Girl
  Drew-Levi Huntsman Tall Boy
  George Maquire Billy Elliot
  Lauren McCarthy Ballet Girl
  Polly McCArthy Ballet Girl
  Hayley Mitchell Ballet Girl
  Laveda Ogbebor Ballet Girl
  Macie O'Brien Ballet Girl
  Macie  O'Brien Ballet Girl (UK Tour)
  Tyler Parker Tall Boy
  Hannah Partridge Ballet Girl
  Caitlin Rosendale Ballet Girl
  Bethany Sargood Ballet Girl
  Jessica Smith Ballet Girl
  Katie Smith Ballet Girl
  Katie Stephens Ballet Girl
  Alice Stephens Ballet Girl
  Olivia Sullivan Ballet Girl
Beauty and the Beast Adam Norris Chip
  Joe Turner Chip
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Lauren Henson Veruca Salt
  Harry Vallance Mike Teavee
  Connor  Davies Augustus Gloop
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Georgia Boreham Sewer Kid
  Jordan Borland Sewer Kid
  Charlotte Daly Sewer Kid
  Megan Edwards Sewer Kid
  Maxine Ewenson Sewer Kid
  Andre Francis Sewer Kid
  Darcy Gregory Sewer Kid
  Christie Halsey Sewer Kid
  Callum Hill Sewer Kid
  Drew-Levi Huntsman Sewer Kid
  Danielle Kiff Sewer Kid
  Tommy Knight Sewer Kid
  David Knight Sewer Kid
  Jack Liman Sewer Kid
  Emma Mack Sewer Kid
  Sonny Martin Jeremy
  Gavin McClusky Sewer Kid
  Natalie McQueen Sewer Kid
  Charlotte Mifsud Sewer Kid
  Jessica Morris Sewer Kid
  Sonny Muharrem Sewer Kid
  Jackson Navin Sewer Kid
  Liam O'Bryne Sewer Kid
  Vanessa Olusesan Sewer Kid
  Rebecca Orwell Sewer Kid
  Jamie O'Sullivan Sewer Kid
  Brooke Parratt Sewer Kid
  Hannah Partridge Sewer Kid
  Holly Prior Sewer Kid
  Adam Rixson Sewer Kid
  Thomas Runeckles Sewer Kid
  Luke Shephard Sewer Kid
  Katie Stephens Sewer Kid
  Shannon Sullivan Sewer Kid
  Ben Walker Sewer Kid
  Callum Walker Sewer Kid
  Chloe Williams Sewer Kid
  Gavin Wood Jeremy
  Ryan Wright Sewer Kid
Full Monty Thomas Knight Child
Les Miserables Sienna Bromley Eponine
  James Buckley Gavroche
  Chloe Drew Cosette
  Oliver Gilmartin Gavroche
  Drew-Levi Huntsman Gavroche
  Sonny Martin Gavroche
  Holly McDonagh Cosette
  Max Reader Gavroche
  Abby Shelvey-Negus Eponine
  Marie Nicholson Cosette
  Rebbeca Norris Eponine
  Lauren Ruffell Eponine
  Katie Stephens Eponine
Lion King Serena Grant Young Nala
  Freya Karlettis Young Nala
  Alois Mangewende Young Simba
  Amber Tope Young Nala
  Tanvir  Virdee Young Simba
Matilda Finley Jury Eric
  Red Walker Tommy
Motown Terique Jarrett Ensemble
Oliver! Oliver Gilmartin Captain / Spider
  Paul Adeyoe Who Will Buy - Child
  Peter Adeyoe Workhouse Child
  Dean Ambrose Who Will Buy - Child
  Morgan Broome Workhouse Child
  Lili Chen Who Will Buy - Child
  Charles Croysdill Who Will Buy - Child
  Charlie Eales Workhouse Child
  Demi Guvenc Workhouse Child
  Alicia Harrington Workhouse Child
  Sophie Honeywell Workhouse Child
  Chanel Jones Workhouse Child
  Taylor Knight Workhouse Child
  Charles Lathwell Workhouse Child
  Emily Lawrence Workhouse Child
  Alois Mangewende Who Will Buy - Child
  Amy Miller Who Will Buy - Child
  Lloyd Mosengo Faggins Gang
  Abby Shelvey-Negus Who Will Buy - Child
  Tyler Parker Who Will Buy - Child
  Sophie Parle Workhouse Child
  Finley Rea Workhouse Child
  Teddy Smith Workhouse Child
  James Smith Workhouse Child
  Olivia Sullivan Who Will Buy - Child
  Antoine Thomas-Sturge Workhouse Child
  Sam Willmore Who Will Buy - Child
  Laura Wood Workhouse Child
The King and I Yasmine Choi Child
School of Rock Harry Vallance Mason
The Braille Legacy Tallulah  Byrne Catherine Lepage
The Greater Game Connor Kelly Ensemble
The Sound Of Music Joseph Holgate Kurt
  Gavin Wood Kurt
The Wizard Of Oz Paul Adeyoe Munchkin
  Charlie Eales Munchkin
  Chloe George Munchkin
  Gavin Wood Munchkin
Whistle Down The Wind James Buckley Ensemble
  Matthew Crandon Ensemble
  Carly Thomas Ensemble