"Today's training for the professionals of tomorrow"
Principal: Colin Putz
Patrons: Rochelle Humes, Stephen Mear and Sherrie Hewson


YPUK  (The Young Professionals UK) has been created to offer intense, personal professional training and networking opportunities to talent youngsters.

The programme has been designed to create a bespoke performance which nurtures, focuses on, develops and showcases two out of the three main Performing Arts disciplines, being acting, singing and dancing.

Workshops and short courses will be designed to build upon existing professional experience, offer essential versatility to young performers who have been rigorously drilled for show specific material, facilitate peer learning with fellow-professionals and expose young talent which is yet to be discovered to casting directors and industry professionals.

There are many wonderful short courses on offer, but the difference with our short-course is that we tailor the material to each successful individual and showcase this to a industry casting director.